Our Focus

Property agents and landlords: let’s face it, the battle you face for well-maintained properties is one that is beset with problems.

Tenants can be unpredictable, reports of issues can be delayed, and dealing with unknown tradesmen can be nothing short of an administrative, and often problematic, nightmare.

Each of these issues are overcome with Longbear – it is these problems that form the focus of our service, and the ethos of our business.

It’s also why we focus on property agents and landlords alone – because by honing in on all that you typically face, we can most thoroughly understand your needs, and provide the services that consistently exceed your expectations – for exceptional customer service and excellent maintenance standards.

We’re committed to simply making your life easier, and dedicated to ensuring that your properties are maintained in way that protects your, or your clients’, investment – all at competitive prices that lead the way within the industry.


Our curated pool of professional handymen are tried, tested and trusted; they are multi-skilled, entirely responsible and absolutely trustworthy.


Our maintenance packages are built for ultimate flexibility – ideal for portfolios or single properties – whether residential or commercial.


Our refurbishment service transforms properties and undertakes the process from the first lick of paint, to the last of the materials being taken away.